What happens if your brand does not use Social Media tools?

Currently, Social Media platforms can be defined as a marketing tactic, probably still in diapers, however, it is difficult to imagine life without them.

Marketing in social networks can be defined as an effective tool to have a brand presence online and keep in touch with customers. But, how important is Social Media Marketing really?

In order to understand it better, I will list a series of situations that we would face if a brand does not use these platforms and the impacts of them:

  • Add People will not trust the brand: If we use social networks correctly, the platform will not only serve to boost your products or services, but also to build relationships with your customers. Clients interact with brands that have personality, that care about their needs and listen to them. It is the perfect address for the brand to know its human side. In addition, different studies show that a good percentage of people seek information in the networks about products or services before purchasing them.
  • Endless struggles to generate traffic: It is not new that now social networks have much more traffic than websites. In addition, these social platforms provide access to thousands of potential customers, to whom we can offer useful content and guide them to a website where they can complete the information they seek.
  • The content and experience generated by the brand would not be 100% exploited: It is proven that the information shared on social networks greatly influences consumers who are about to acquire a product or service. If you do not expose your content and experience with your brand, you could lose thousands of customers.
  • You can not count on the support of influencers: In Social Media, the influencers are the protagonists of the show. They are brands or individuals that have the ability to be read or heard by a wide audience. Do not miss the opportunity to generate greater profits by building stable relationships with them.
  • Loss of important opportunities: Social networks do not rest. The content and information that circulates in them can become a very valuable and determining factor to achieve success.your content…

Like them or not like them: Social networks are here to stay.